Hadyn Hines

Hadyn Hines is a Clyburn Honors College student at SC State University

Hadyn Hines grew up attending South Carolina State University football games with her parents, both of whom were alumni.

The Moncks Corner, South Carolina, native’s eyes were fixed not on the game but on the sidelines. She was zeroed in on the Bulldog cheerleading squad.

“I’ve always wanted to cheer. Ever since I was little, I’ve been wearing cheerleading uniforms,” Hines said. “My mom couldn’t get me out of them.

“So, every game I had to wear the uniform. It didn’t matter what the weather was doing,” she said. “I always watched the cheer team.”

At halftime, she scurried to the restrooms because she knew the cheerleaders would be taking a break.

“I used to go see them and take pictures with them,” Hines said.

After cheering in high school, Hines realized her dream of becoming a Bulldog cheerleader as a freshman at SC State, which brought a whole new style of cheerleading.

“It was challenging at first, but now that I’ve gotten into the group, it’s a lot of fun,” she said. “It’s a lot more intense. We practice day and night. We run and exercise a lot more than we did in high school.”

Cheerleading was not the only reason she enrolled at the historically Black university. Hines knew about SC State’s academics because her parents, grandparents and other family members had attended SC State. Her grandfather played football and ran track for SC State.

But the family’s main claim to fame is SC State royalty. Her maternal grandmother, the late Mildred Gilmore Brevard, was Miss SC State for 1960-61. Thirty years later, her mother was crowned Miss SC State for 1990-91.

“South Carolina State was the only school I applied to,” she said. “I had other options, but I didn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Hines must balance her cheerleading duties with her studies in biology because she has her mind set on a career in medicine with altruistic motivations.

“I majored in biology because I want to be a plastic surgeon,” she said. “That came from watching TV and shows like ‘Atlanta Plastic’ and ‘Botched,’ so I was just inspired. I also watched ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ a lot, so I’ve always been interested in the medical field.

“I want to help breast cancer patients, children with cleft palates and things like that,” she said.

Hines commits even more time to her academic pursuits via the Dr. Emily England Clyburn Honors College.

“I can be challenging, but I use my time wisely,” she said. “I know when I have cheer practice, so I use my free time to study and do my schoolwork. I have to make sure all my work is done before I go to practice.”

That’s especially important because of the scholarship she has with the Honors College.

“I feel like a hold myself at a higher standard because of my goals and wanting to stay in the Honors College,” she said. “We all help each other with our studies, and I know I can go to anyone in the Honors College building for help if I need it.”

The Honors College is just one part of the family-oriented experience she is enjoying at SC State.

“I feel like I am home since I feel like I grew up here,” Hines said. “Every day is really comfortable, but I still get new experiences.”

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